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xi men xi men ist männlich

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I bought these sheets in both gray and pink. While they are soft and fit perfectly, they are very thin. One set has holes in it already just from being washed. If they were a better price, I wouldn't mind. I know price fluctuates on these a lot since I was looking at getting a set for a baby shower and they were even more than they were when I purchased them so I decided to pass. Bottom line: if the price is right when you're looking, I would recommend these. They're so soft and lovely. If they're over $10, I would pass. The quality leaves much to be desired.
Gê Oliva
Having just seen the musical, I couldn't wait to get a copy of the CD. While the music is great, the CD is actually all the talking in the musical as well, which comes across as odd and there are pauses.
If you want to hear the entire show, then get this. If you just want the music, seek another alternative.
Jane Wendy Ngo Ngidjoi
Just what I was hoping for. Good quality, fit as expected.
Pippa van Heeswijk
Works great, fast shipping
Michael Pan
Loved it!!!!
Jana Opincariu

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